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Founded by people that wanted to create a unique highly competitive group for people to have fun. The 228th is driven to represent what a top level Competitive MWO unit should be about: teamwork, fun, and big stompy robots.

Often times people seek to join a unit because they think they can coast or get automatic wins because of thier level of game play. With the 228th they canít be more wrong. The 228th and its members reach their goals through an extreme level of dedication and aggression to be the best.

We as 228th pilots live and die like Mercenaries. We never really see eye to eye with those we protect, but intervene in their pissing matches anyway. We fight because we like it. We take the c-bills because we like it, and we'll die in a hail of gauss and artillery fire because we like it.
August 23, 2016, 09:56:22 AM by Zito
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The following pilots have shown exemplary service in Faction Warfare.  Their dedication to 228's planetary domination will be displayed for the galaxy to admire.  As our top Mercs, they have made the biggest impact on stuffing 228s coffers and will be rewarded monetarily. 

Please join me in congratulating these pilots...

May 15, 2016, 12:27:11 PM by Queenblade | Views: 593 | Comments: 5

Congratulations to the Golden Talons for claiming 1st in EU - Division C and moving up to Division B next season.

Black Watch - 3rd place NA Div A
Swamp Foxes - 4th place NA Div B
Death From Above - 6th place NA Div D
Wild Ones - 3rd place AP Div A
February 28, 2016, 12:15:53 PM by Queenblade | Views: 1494 | Comments: 6

MRBC League Season 7 divisions and fixtures are now released and can be found on the 'Fixtures' tab in the menu bar on their web site.

228th IBR is entered in the following:

AP - Division A
  • 1st Jaguar Guards
  • 228th IBR "The Wild Ones
  • Squad Foxtrot
  • [ISRC]

EU - Division C